Rooftop Restaurant in Udaipur
Rooftop Restaurant in Udaipur

Rooftop Restaurant in Udaipur

There was a time when very few locals would Google for "rooftop restaurants in Udaipur ", because experiences like these were exclusively meant for the rich and famous. However, the new age urban Udaipur residents are seldom shy to have their share of fun.

And be it a vibrant nightlife or a search for the best rooftop cafe in Udaipur, they are all in it. In keeping with the soaring demand, our team at Hotel Vrajraj Palace have decided to keep the rooftop restaurant in Udaipur open to all.

Why We?

We are one of the few rooftop restaurants in Hiran Magri  that offer multi-cuisine delicacies. Our location in the middle of Udaipur makes it convenient for all to reach here after a hard day's work. And we believe that enjoying some soulfully cooked foods amidst a naturally bountiful backdrop is something truly meditative. The positive vibes that it brings make dining with us even more rewarding. Plus, our team has always made customer satisfaction their priority. And they would do anything in their capacity to make the most of everything.

The Best Rooftop Cafe in Udaipur

We are one of the most loved boutique hotel in Udaipur. Our customers have started calling us among the best roof top cafe in Udaipur for more than one reason. Just because we serve pure vegetarian dishes, it does not mean that our menu is cliched and unnecessarily spicy.

As chefs to one of the best rooftop restaurant Udaipur, our experts know how to make magic with fruits and vegetables. They know the use of spices in a way very few can. As a result, our menu card consists of a series of local and international food items. So whenever our clients wish to have a fine dining experience within budget, we are always there to serve. Reserving a table is possible through a simple phone call.


Vrajraj Restaurant & Pool

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